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Introducing a High-End Barber

This is how we helped Sina Mastercut get fully booked all year round.

The Brief

Sina Mastercut (Sinisa Cekic) is a high-end barber committed to cutting men’s hair since he was 16. With an innate passion for style, he gradually honed his skills, eventually achieving a world-class level.

Over time, the landscape became more competitive, demanding more than just exceptional service. He wasn’t willing to compete on price, so he needed another way to stand out. Otherwise, he would leave his ideal clients to worse barbers with cheaper services and better promotion.

Since he didn’t know much about branding and marketing, he turned to Unignorable team for help. In order to achieve his goals, we had to increase brand equity. Our impact would be evaluated based on the percentage of booked appointments as well as the increase in revenue.

Sina Mastercut
Banja Luka
Personal Branding

Brand Immersion

We like taking on clients from different industries. As always, we first immersed ourselves in the men’s style industry, the intricacies of barbering and Sina Mastercut’s offer. We had to know subjective and objective aspects of a great haircut and what makes men keep coming back. Our analysis also showed shortcomings of barbers, both local and international.

Personal Branding

From the start, we knew our objective was to excel in all major touchpoints. A solid branding foundation would not only simplify that task but make it feasible in the first place. We formulated a brand strategy, outlining what sets Sina apart, his target audience and steps to attract them.

Across touchpoints, we primarily needed to convey sophistication, competence and style. Although these notions mainly reside in the clients’ subconscious, we had to be mindful of every detail. Thus, we opted for a signature logo symbolizing personal brand and sophistication; 2 typefaces to blend his exclusivity and simplicity; dark color scheme associated with luxury and confidence.

Style Guide Preview


For most, Instagram is the crucial touchpoint before meeting Sina in person. The challenge was to optimize his existing account while balancing his lifestyle and everyday work. Our team crafted a content strategy, complete with posting guidelines and inspirational examples. To kick-start the transformation, we added a new bio, a profile photo and a highlights theme.


The next step was creating a promo video to establish Sina Mastercut as a high-end barber. It involved pre-production, a set and gear preparation, and a whole day of filming. The video received an impressive response, with 135 (8%) of his followers sharing it on their stories.

Subsequently, we introduced a video campaign Mastercut Journeys where Sina does haircut transformations in breath-taking places. These captivating videos attract colder audiences, increasing brand awareness.

Promo Video

Mastercut Journeys #1


The last task was to create a custom website. Its purpose is to compliment the Instagram profile by summarizing all important information on one page. We included 5 sections only: Hero, Famous Collaborations, short Bio, Inspirational Hairstyles and Footer.


With a strong foundation for the future, Sina Mastercut is gaining recognition as a high-end barber. While it’s hard to quantify word-of-mouth and positive client feedback, the data we collected speaks volumes.


booked appointments (all year)


increase in monthly revenue

Ongoing Support

Our partnership extends beyond the project’s completion. We want Sina Mastercut to reach new levels in the future. At the moment, we are consulting him on how to further grow his brand and enter a new platform: TikTok. Likewise, we are prepared to update any touchpoint or create fresh videos for the Mastercut Journeys campaign.

“I’m quite proud of the aesthetics and results. I have more clients than I can do haircuts for which is the goal of every barber. I’m really impressed!”

Sinisa Cekic
Sina Mastercut